I just wanted to say thank you for letting Tux and I board at your barn, we had a great time and the care is amazing. His feet were done on time every time and even with his special shoeing, I never had an issue. I also thought it was great that the vet came out just to familiarize himself with the horses and the barn because I know how busy their schedules can be so I really appreciated getting to meet the vet and have him just look over Tux and give feedback. The facility is amazing and getting better every day, but I think I was most pleased about the stalls, they were spotless and always had fresh bedding not to mention clean full water buckets all day. I think Tux’s favorite part was probably turnout because he got along with his pasture mates beautifully and enjoyed being able to eat in the field all day and just be a horse. I really can’t say enough about the care because Tux came in a little thin and definitely put on a lot of muscle and tone, and even became much calmer while we boarded at Cukay Farms. I absolutely loved boarding and riding there, and will definitely miss the quiet atmosphere and quirky ponies. Most of all though, I’ve never met nicer people than Stan and Penny and I think all of the care and effort is owed to them. Thanks again for everything I will definitely come visit when I’m in town again.

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Owner of Tux